New AFD Browser

I’ve just created an interactive browser to view NWS AFD products from WFOs accross the CONUS. It’s a much better alternative to the slower navigation through the NWS site and it’s very simple to use. You can find this resource here: WilmingtonWx AFD Browser. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

Placefile Usage - Be Mindful

My logs indicate that the METAR Wind Chill placefile is being hit at a rate 3 times higher than the METAR Heat Index placefile. It’s almost July. Please, if you use my placefiles regularly, especially if you use many, be aware of which ones you have selected to load at any given time. I continue to add more and more placefiles that use increasingly high resources and the only way this can continue is if users are cumulatively aware of their usage. It may not matter now, but when 3000 users log on during a tornado outbreak with all their winter/rainfall/outlook placefiles loaded at the same time, 2 things happen. Firstly, you clutter your display but more importantly, my server goes down. Please don’t make me have to start filtering anomalously high usage IPs. That way I can spend my time working on more beneficial projects. Thanks - Brandon

WilmingtonWx Model Data

As of recently I’ve been working primarily on getting my new model interface up and running. It’s at a point where it’s fully usable but by no means complete. Considering I’m developing this new resource not only for myself but also for others to use, I’d like some early feedback. If you’re interested in testing it out before it’s public, send me an email for the link. I only need a few dozen people at most for testing (preferably those who frequently analyze model data already), so first-come-first-serve. I’m unsure as to whether or not this resource will end up being free or not as it requires much greater server resources than does the placefile server alone. Feedback regarding usability relative to other sites, additions, changes, etc. are all welcome. I look forward to receiving responses!

Forum & WilmingtonWx Expansion

Over the past couple of weeks, since the last update below, I’ve made significant progress with all projects. NCEP model placefiles are now running, GIS databases have been revamped, and an online interactive snowfall forecast application is in the works. With this current expansion, and further expansion with more model images in the future, a forum has become but a certainty. Currently I’m looking to have both the snowfall project and forum up and running by at latest mid-February. From then on, my focus will be on improving placefile customization features and creating additional model images. Links to both the forum and interactive map will be posted soon.

WilmingtonWx Model Data & Forum

As of lately I’ve been focusing my efforts on two primary projects, projects that will open up many doors for the future. The first of these has been to edit and re-load GIS databases to allow for more complex and efficient county/zone based placefiles. This should be complete by this coming spring. The second of these projects has been figuring out how to decode and display numerical model data. Currently I’m in the final stages of completing the scripts that will do so. Not only will this allow for the display of analysis data in GRLevelX as placefiles, but also the creation of online model data images. That however is a long term plan but definitely something I want to get running. If all goes well over the following months, the increase in available resources may be enough to warrant a users’ forum. That could potentially serve as a place for questions, requests, and updates aside from the more general posts here.

USPLN Lightning Data

Over the past 6-7 months, WilmingtonWx has received an increasingly exponential visitor following. Initial monthly user usage reports indicating jumps of around 100 users per month whereas recent trends have increased to anywhere from 300 to 400 per month. At this rate, usage will reach around 1300 users very soon and with this comes an increase in hosting resource needs. At the root of this endeavor are ideas of keeping the data free so if you’re thinking I’m going to end up talking about paid subscriptions, that isn’t where I’m going with this...sort of. To help offset monthly hosting expenses in addition to keeping placefile data free, I will be looking into distributing lightning data on a month-by-month basis to users who are willing to purchase it. Having said that, If you are at all interested, even in the slightest bit, send me and email ([email protected]) or PM me on the GRLevelX owners forums ( if you don’t have an account, you should register asap) including your name, what you would like to see with lightning data and how much you would be willing to pay either monthly or yearly. This means users cumulatively will determine the price and in the end, support sustenance and improvement of In other words, more advanced feeds like GRIB2 RAP and HRRR model data in addition to MODIS fire data and other observation feeds will become publicly available as a result of greater funds for hosting. Existing services will also become faster and more reliable. Thank you for your time and I hope to receive your responses. - Brandon, WilmingtonWx GRLevelX Resources


This will be the new look of for the foreseeable future. Better integration of placefile customization was the primary driving factor in this transition but other factors also played their role. I wanted to both expose donation and externally linked pages more frequently thus their position in the sidebar. In addition, I wanted to establish a focus on the resource fields I will be working on thus their position in the upper menu. Otherwise, this home page will serve as a place to post updates, modifications, and announcements in the future.