WilmingtonWx - USPLN Partnership

As a partner of the USPLN, I work to convert and deliver raw strike data in formats usable by 3rd-party software packages. Among those supported programs are GRLevel2, GRLevel3, GRLevel2-Analyst, GEMPAK, and various others with custom plans. I offer data in the form of GR Placefiles, GEMPAK data files, and for users looking to build their own applications, complete & raw text files. Without this partnership - in addition to the donations of many generous users - the continued sustenance and improvement of the WilmingtonWx site would be impossible.

About the USPLN

Established in 2004, the United States Precision Lightning Network (USPLN) serves to accommodate both businesses and individual consumers with even the highest demands for performance. With over 160 ground-based electronic sensors across the CONUS, the USPLN is able to consistently deliver data that is exceptionally timely and accurate.

USPLN Network Capabilities:
- CG & CC strike detection
- 95% or better CG detection efficiency throughout the CONUS
- mean location accuracy < 250 meters
- stroke time reporting to millisecond precision
- 15-20 second strike-to-report latency

Service Specifications

Full-Resolution GR Placefile Gridded GR Placefile GEMPAK Data Feed Raw Data


Full-Resolution GR Placefile Gridded GR Placefile GEMPAK Data Feed

Request a Trial

If you would like to test out any of the plans I offer before committing to a purchase, please fill out this form to request a trial account. Please do not make any purchases until you have requested a trial. If you can’t find the plan you’re looking for or if you’d like to inquire about obtaining raw data, you can contact me directly via email at admin@wilmingtonwx.com.

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All USPLN lightning services provided by WilmingtonWx are under continual maintenance and improvement with various experimental configurations currently in development. Those specifications are described below. Example screenshots will be posted before these configurations become available.

Cell Clustering CONUS GEMPAK Density Contours Looping Percentile Classification